MSU Innovation Center


MSU Business-CONNECT helps companies leverage MSU’s wealth of resources more efficiently, including MSU’s extensive base of human knowledge and source materials, high-end scientific equipment and facilities, and invaluable international connections and educational services.

MSU Technologies

MSU Technologies facilitates the commercial development and public use of technologies and copyrightable materials developed by MSU faculty and staff.

Spartan Innovations

Spartan Innovations helps develop MSU innovations - ideas, technologies, creative activities - into successful Michigan businesses. 

MSU BioEconomy Network

MSU BioEconomy Network is charged with coordinating MSU's efforts to promote Michigan's bioeconomy. Those growing efforts include research, policy and economic analysis, education, corporate and government collaborations, and commercialization.

MSU Bioeconomy Institute (Holland, Michigan)

The MSU Bioeconomy Institute provides chemical pilot plant scale-up production and conducts sponsored research and testing for both for-profit and not-for-profit entities of all sizes. It also offers business incubation opportunities and extensive laboratory space rental, as well as educational programming and training.