Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

The Michigan State University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (MSU-CTSI)

  • Infrastructure to support your clinical and translational research
  • Faculty and staff to help you access the resources of the MSU community-partner network
  • A voice for clinical and translational research - advocating for the development of resources, capacities, and talent
  • Designed to be flexible and responsive to the needs of research investigators and community health care providers
  • Particularly focused on facilitating team research

The service units of Office of Clinical Research (OCR) and Biomedical Research Informatics Core (BRIC) are within the MSU-CTSI as part of its cross-cutting key research core.  OCR’s mission is to serve the need for enhanced support of clinical and translational research. BRIC’s mission is to provide high-level informatics and information technology support to clinical and translational researchers.