Regulatory Affairs

The Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) works to assure compliance with federal, state, and university regulations and policies on research, promotes the responsible conduct of research at MSU, and serves as a campus resource for research ethics education materials and training.

Human Subjects in Research

The MSU’s Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) includes the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Compliance offices.

There are three MSU IRBs:

Animals in Research

MSU's Animal Care Program includes the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), which is appointed by the president of the university, and the Campus Animal Resources(CAR) program. The Attending Veterinarian oversees veterinary care for the units within Campus Animal Resources.

Stem Cells in Research

MSU has established an Institutional Stem Cell Research Committee to oversee stem cell research conducted by MSU faculty, staff, and students. This website provides information on the requirements and the application process.

Protecting Researchers and the Environment

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) oversees programs in health and safety, protection of the environment and regulatory compliance. The Occupational Health Clinic shares responsibility for the health and safety of the MSU community with EHS.

Export Control & Trade Sanctions

The Office of Export Control & Trade Sanctions oversees compliance with and provides education about the laws governing research that may be subject to considerations of national defense or international policy.

  • Export control laws regulate the export of sensitive technologies, equipment, software, biological agents, and related data and services.
  • Trade sanctions refer to the constraints imposed against hostile international targets (including countries) that may prohibit travel, payment, or providing anything of value to the sanctioned country.

Violations of trade sanctions and export controls can result in criminal penalties.

Conflict of Interest

Michigan State University (MSU) has implemented multiple policies, guidelines, and procedures to manage conflict of interest situations; the most recent being a comprehensive Faculty Conflict of Interest Policy. Collectively, these are designed to insure compliance with state and federal laws or regulations, as well as to manage specific conflict of interest situations deemed important at MSU. 

Research Integrity Officer

The Research Integrity Officer manages Michigan State University's regulatory and institutional obligations for maintaining the integrity of research and creative activities conducted under its auspices.

Research and Scholarly Integrity (Graduate School)

The Research and Scholarly Integrity office prepares students and postdoctoral researchers to conduct quality research and scholarship as the foundation for strong professional reputations for individuals, their departments and disciplines, and Michigan State University.