Data Repositories and Archives

Depositing your data in an archive will facilitate its discovery and preservation. This page is intended highlights select repositories and archives across the disciplines and is focused on those that accept deposits from researchers.


National Space Science Data Center ( “Space Science” includes astronomy and astrophysics, solar and space plasma physics, and planetary and lunar science.


The Cell: An Image Library ( - Images of all cell types from all organisms, including intracellular structures and animations demonstrating functions. This project relies upon the cell biology community to populate the library.


The National Center for Biotechnology Information's repository of bioassy data and information for small molecules ( Text-based and structure-based search tools are provided.

Computer Science

Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) ( - Archive of data for scientific analysis of network functions.

Environmental and Geosciences

National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) ( - Cryospheric datasets from ground field research and satellites.

GIS and Geography

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) ( maintains an archive of national and international marine environmental and ecosystem datasets.

Health and Medical Sciences

Life and Biological Sciences

Social Sciences