Data Management for Research - Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies

MSU Research Data Management Guidlines

The Research Data Management Guidance service is a joint effort between the MSU Libraries and University Archives to respond to the emerging concern surrounding research data management. Effective research data management is an active and ongoing process during the entire research lifecycle, from project conception to long after it is finished.

NSF Guidlines

National Science Foundation proposals must include a data management plan (including preservation, documentation, and sharing) of research products (including data, samples, education and educational materials).

Here is a summary of NSF's guidelines and requirements for data management plans. (PDF)

Here is a link to the NSF website, "Dissemination and Sharing of Research Results."

Data Management Plan Online Tool

Michigan State University faculty and staff have access to an online data management plan tool (DMP Tool) developed by a group of major research institutions to simplify the process of creating plans required by funding agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. MSU NetID required.

Preparing your data management plan

To help the MSU research community prepare for the new requirements, here are materials from a January 5, 2011, faculty research seminar presented by Cynthia Ghering, director of University Archives & Historical Collections:

Examples of data plans

Data plan for nitrogren cycle card game (PDF): This plan, developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, describes how materials generated in the development and assessment of The N Game(an educational card game about the Nitrogen Cycle) will be managed, archived and shared with various audiences.

Notes toward a data plan: Lakeshore Nature Preserve (PDF): This plan, developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, outlines how data collected from a nature preserve by several semesters of an ecology class might be preserved for later use.