Interdisciplinary Research Forum: Diversity


Oct. 21, 2016
Kellogg Center, Riverside Room (MAP)

Meet with other colleagues who are interested in diversity-related research topics. There will be several very brief talks (less than 5 mins each) to illustrate some of the ongoing research on campus, and structured opportunities for developing networks will be introduced. 

Speakers include:

Refreshments and appetizers will be provided. 

More about the program...

Researchers have long been interested in differences and similarities across individuals and cultures, and numerous scholarly disciplines have long-standing traditions of examining diversity in terms of demographic, cultural, and other aspects. The purpose of this research forum is to create an interdisciplinary network of scholars at Michigan State University whose expertise directly relates to the study of diversity, and in particular to the understanding of how cultural, gender, ethnic, religious, sexual, ability, age and other differences have social, health, and economic impacts.

This venue will provide a chance to meet MSU colleagues with similar interests whose paths have not intersected with yours, but who may bring skills and insights that can help you in advancing your research agenda related to diversity.

MSU has a very large community of scholars with interests in topics such as social, economic, educational and health disparities; stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination; cultural distinctions; gender and ethnic studies; and other diversity-linked foci. There are several identity-focused programs of study in centers and clusters of interest, and there are scholars across 11 different colleges who have research programs on human diversity. Yet, to date, MSU has not fully capitalized on forming and enhancing interdisciplinary research efforts among these scholars. The goal of this forum is to take a first step in building this scholarly community by bringing together these researchers to network, share ideas, and form collaborations.

These events bring together faculty to meet in an informal setting, so that MSU expertise might be better synchronized for responsiveness to future RFPs and for new partnerships to emerge.  

For questions, please contact forum organizer, Ann Marie Ryan, Psychology,