IQ Brews & Views: Brain Implants


Fri., Nov. 3, 5-7pm

Join us for this month’s Brews and Views – moderated discussions addressing the most fascinating and provocative areas of bioscience and engineering.

“It’s not my fault: my brain implant made me do it”

Some brain implants, such as those for deep brain stimulation, are well-accepted treatments for movement disorders and their use as treatment options for various psychiatric disorders is being explored. However, there are cases where brain implants may influence mental states critical to personality and aect an individual’s behavior and identity. This raises a number of ethical and legal questions. For example, if a brain-implant-induced change in personality results in undesirable or deviant behaviors that cause harm, who is responsible? Is the person with the implant? The implant itself? Or its designer?


Jennifer Carter-Johnson, JD, PhD
Associate Professor of Law
MSU College of Law

Galit Pelled, PhD
Professor, Biomedical Engineering
MSU College of Engineering

Moderated by Laura Cabrera, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences and the Department of Translational Science & Molecular Medicine in the College of Human Medicine.

These monthly Friday afternoon casual discussions will engage researchers and scholars—from graduate students and post-docs to faculty—in considering the implications of innovative biomedical research for patients, people and populations. We invite you to join us to discuss the implications of biomedical innovations, learn about the forefront of scientific investigation, and contribute to the edge of science. Ages 21+, please bring valid ID. The series is presented by the Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering in collaboration with the Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences. |