Rigor and Reproducibility: Part 3


Thurs., Mar. 16 - 3pm

Rigor and Reproducibility - Part 3

New location! Food Safety and Toxicology, Room 162 MAP


Watts, McCabe, Burt

JR Haywood
, Assistant Vice President for Regulatory Affairs

Stephanie Watts, Assistant Dean, The Graduate School, and Professor, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology
Laura McCabe, Professor, Department of Physiology and Department of Radiology
Alex Burt, Professor, Department of Psychology

In this session, Stephanie Watts, Laura McCabe, and Alex Burt, who serve on National Institutes of Health review panels, will discuss their experiences with the NIH Rigor and Reproducibility requirements for NIH applications. The format of the session will consist of questions to the panelists from the moderator and the attendees.

Among the issues to be addressed are:

  • how review panels are trained on rigor and reproducibility, 
  • ways in which investigators might respond to the requirement, and 
  • how rigor and reproducibility factor into scoring of applications.

See the video presentations from the first two sessions: Rigor and Reproducibility - Use of Animals in Research and Rigor and Reproducibility Part 2