Workshop Series: Infrastructure Network for Water


flyer for URC series 3-24-17Mar. 24 - 10:30-11am

45 Years of Science-to-Practice in Electricity:

A Perspective from the Electric Power Research Institute

University Club of Michigan State University - 3435 Forest Rd., Lansing, MI 48989 (MAP

Thomas R. Wilson
Senior Technical Executive, Electric Power Research Institute

Dr. Wilson's current research activities focus on the future of energy and a closer integration of energy and natural resource systems, costs of alternative climate policies and the role of technology R&D in potentially reducing these costs, exploring mechanisms for allowing flexibility in domestic and international climate policies and their interactions with regulatory approaches, exploring the interfaces between planning and reliability models, examining alternative approaches to model natural gas supply and deliverability, and providing information and methods to help electric utilities make decisions in the face of environmental and energy policy uncertainty.

This is the first program in a series designed to develop an effective science-to-practice network addressing urban infrastructure. During the three-part workshop series, other successful science-to-practice networks will be explored as a model and framework for this state and national urban water network. More about the series...

The University Research Corridor is an alliance of Michigan's three leading research universities: Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and Wayne State University.