LOI or Pre-Proposal Required: 
External Deadline: 
07/15/2014 (All day)

The Linguistics Program supports all types of scientific research that focuses on human language as an object of investigation. The program supports research on the syntactic, semantic, morphological, phonetic, and phonological properties of individual languages and of language in general. It also encourages investigation of linguistic questions that are interdisciplinary in nature: the psychological processes involved in the production, perception, and comprehension of language; the development of linguistic capacities in children; social and cultural factors in language use, variation, and change; the acoustics and physiology of speech; computational approaches to the study of language; and the biological bases of language in the brain.The Linguistics Program accepts proposals for a variety of project types: research proposals from scholars with PhDs or equivalent degrees, proposals for Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants, and CAREER proposals. We will also consider proposals for workshops, conferences, and training programs.For more information about the Crosscutting Research and Training Opportunities, please visit the Cross-Directorate Activities web page. Here, you will find a brief synopsis about each program, as well as links guiding you to the appropriate Program Solicitations.