NSF PD-13-7607 Energy, Power, and Adaptive Systems

LOI or Pre-Proposal Required: 
External Deadline: 
11/01/2012 (All day)

The Energy, Power, and Adaptive Systems (EPAS) program invests in the design and analysis of intelligent and adaptive engineering networks, including sensing, imaging, controls, and computational technologies for a variety of application domains. EPAS places emphasis on electric power networks and grids, including generation, transmission and integration of renewable, sustainable and distributed energy systems; high power electronics and drives; and understanding of associated regulatory and economic structures. Topics of interest include alternate energy sources, the Smart Grid, and interdependencies of critical infrastructure in power and communications. The program also places emphasis on energy scavenging and alternative energy technologies, including solar cells, ocean waves, wind, and low-head hydro. In addition, the program supports innovative test beds, and laboratory and curriculum development to integrate research and education. EPAS invests in adaptive dynamic programming, brain-like networked architectures performing real-time learning, neuromorphic engineering, telerobotics, and systems theory. The program supports distributed control of multi-agent systems with embedded computation for sensor and adaptive networks. EPAS provides additional emphasis on emerging areas, such as quantum systems engineering, quantum and molecular modeling and simulation of devices and systems. Proposals for the EPAS program may involve collaborative research to capture the breadth of expertise needed for such multidisciplinary integrative activities. ECCS will consider supporting a limited number of small team proposals of three or more Investigators from different disciplines and/or universities.Areas of interest include:Kishan BahetiControl Theory and Hybrid Dynamical Systems Distributed and Mobile Networked Control Networked Sensing and Imaging Systems Control Aspects of Cyber-Physical Systems Cyber Secure Control of Power SystemsSystems Theory in Molecular, Cellular, and Synthetic Biology Networked Robotics and Transportation Networks George MaracasEnergy Collection and Harvesting Devices and Systems Energy StorageAdvanced Power ElectronicsElectric Grid InterfacesElectric and Hybrid VehiclesEnergy/Power SensingLocal Distributed Power Systems Paul WerbosAdaptive and Intelligent Systems Transmission and Distribution Systems Intelligent Power Grid and EconomicsQuantum Systems and Modeling Theory and Modeling for Systems and DevicesNeuromorphic Engineering Cognitive Optimization and Prediction Intelligent VehiclesLearning and Intelligence for Robotics