Global Impact Initiative Update Memo to Faculty Oct. 13, 2015

Dear Colleague:

We write to update you on the Academic Competitiveness initiative, which is targeted at hiring 100+ new faculty members (beyond ordinary hiring or retirement replacements) in the coming four years. This hiring plan results from over 80 initial pre-proposals and 36 full proposals we received from faculty groups across campus. The high quality of the proposals reflected significant effort and creativity on the part of faculty. Among the diverse areas of emphasis are computation, advanced engineering, genomics, plant science, food, environmental science, precision medicine, neuroscience, advanced physical sciences, and emerging areas such as antibiotic resistance. Some of these proposals capitalize on existing areas of research strength, while others represent important new directions.

Proposals were evaluated in collaboration with college leadership. The objectives of the initiative are to significantly increase Michigan State University's research productivity, expenditures, and reputation. We were able to support, at least in part, more than two-thirds of the full proposals. Roughly 30 individual faculty searches will be initiated this year. We anticipate that over the next four years there will be multiple hires in many of the targeted areas.

Funding for the new positions comes from a Board of Trustees approval of a $17.5 million recurring budget allocation.

For external communications, this effort has been renamed the MSU Global Impact Initiative (GI2). A website at the following URL contains more information:

In these challenging times for higher education, we are extraordinarily fortunate to have the resources to pursue a qualitative improvement in MSU's research capabilities. All members of the MSU community will benefit from the addition of these GI2 investigators to our already world-class faculty.
Thank you to all who participated in the development and review of the proposals.


June Youatt, Provost
Steve Hsu, VPRGS