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Academic Competitiveness/Global Impact Initiative

In June 2014, the Michigan State University Board of Trustees created the Academic Competitiveness Fund (ACF) to provide resources for hiring tenure system faculty who will enhance the national and international excellence and competitiveness of MSU as a research university.

  • As of September 8, 2017. The Global Impact Initiative (GI2) continues to make excellent progress in bringing the best and brightest to MSU. Over the last three years, the Office of the Provost and OVPRGS, have worked with individual colleges and departments to conduct searches focused on key areas of innovation, such as machine learning, precision medicine, computational genomics, autonomous vehicles, advanced materials, gene-editing, advanced plant science, and more. 70+ positions have been filled, with candidates hired from Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, MIT, Johns Hopkins University, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Los Alamos National Lab, and many other top institutions. But we're not done yet and we look forward to the next year of recruiting. Learn more about the initiative, read GI2 news and share the job postings at
  • Update September 29, 2016. As we embark on the second year of the Global Impact Initiative, I am very pleased with the faculty recruitment efforts of year one. From Angela Wilson to Wolfgang Banzhaf, and 25 others, these new researchers will join forces with our current faculty to truly make an impact in some of the most exciting areas of research. This initiative is attracting talent from MIT, Princeton and other top universities. We’ve recently approved 40 additional faculty postings that will be released over the course of the 2016-2017 academic year. Please visit the Global Impact website for updates, postings and hiring news and be sure to refer your colleagues.
  • Update Dec. 11, 2015. At present, over 100 new faculty positions have been approved with a number of searches underway. Current faculty opportunities are listed on the Global Impact website. Please note that while we do not anticipate a second round of requests for proposals, we welcome any new ideas/proposals for faculty hires that meet academic competitiveness goals.

(Email to deans, directors, chairs, and faculty regarding academic competitiveness: This document outlines principles and general intentions for the utilization of the Academic Competitiveness Fund, and provides background for colleges and their departments and schools to consider in preparing specific requests for Academic Competitiveness Fund support.)

Faculty Awards

International faculty awards are an important component of institutional reputation, and are counted as AAU institutional indicators of excellence. We want to ensure that MSU faculty, and the university as a whole, receive appropriate recognition for achievements. Read more.

MSU Foundation Professorships

Provided through the generosity of the MSU Foundation, the title of "MSU Foundation Professor" is awarded to outstanding current and new faculty who demonstrate excellence in research and teaching, while enhancing the stature of the institution for research and creative activity. Learn more about the process and view the list of current MSU Foundation Professors.

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