Peer-Review Program

interest submission formTo participate in the Peer-Review Program, the investigator must complete this form and:

  1. be an assistant professor, an early stage investigator seeking an R, K, or career development award, OR an applicant for a grant containing $500K or greater in total direct costs.
  2. identify five potential peer-reviewers on or off campus. OVPRGS will try to find three among the listed individuals who can provide a thorough review of the project. The investigator does not need to have known the reviewer previously. A peer-reviewer cannot be an investigator on the grant. We cannot guarantee that it will be possible to find three available reviewers. In the event of inadequate peer-review, the proposal will still be eligible for editing and consulting services. 
  3. contact the department chair with a completed application for grant assistance form. Applicants are encouraged to contact their department chair as soon as possible.
  4. provide a full proposal for review by the deadline specified below (inclusion of a draft budget is necessary).
  5. fill out a feedback survey on the review process after proposal is submitted.  
  6. provide a copy of all comments or critiques from funding agency following submission of proposal.

Each faculty enrolled in this program will have approximately three reviewers. The standard payment amount to peer-reviewers is $250.

The standard method for internal (MSU faculty) peer-reviewers is a money transfer from the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies to a departmental general fund account to be used at the peer-reviewer’s discretion.

The standard method for external (non-MSU people) peer-reviewers is a check payment from the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies.

Each unit has the option to choose a different payment amount for reviewers, and a different method of payment for internal reviewers that are providing peer-review for the unit’s faculty proposals. This must be communicated to the research dean. (Please note: If payment method is added to a faculty’s paycheck, taxes will be deducted.) 

Colleges will inform the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies if their units involved in the program choose to pay reviewers a special amount or in a special method for internal reviewers. If no payment amount and method is specified for a participating faculty’s unit, the faculty’s reviewers will be paid in the standard amount and method detailed above.

More about the cost share, including examples of the college share...

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