The Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, under the leadership of Stephen Hsu, is responsible for the administration of faculty and student research across the university. In concert with the Provost, the office also administers the Graduate School and maintains synergy between research and creative scholarship in the education of graduate students.

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Write Winning Grant Proposals
This full-day seminar is designed for faculty members, graduate students, and administrative staff who want tips and strategies for presenting their research case to reviewers. More...

Christopher ContagMolecular Imaging Pioneer to Lead MSU’s New Biomed Engineering Initiatives

Christopher H. Contag will be director of the Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering and chair of the new Department of Biomedical Engineering. More...



Microbes in Lab Mice Skew Research Results

Laura McCabe, professor in the Departments of Physiology and Radiology, was recently highlighted in the prestigious magazine Science for her revelation that seemingly identical laboratory mice were exhibiting radically different outcomes in repeated experiments. More...