MSU Foundation Professors


Established in 2014 through the generosity of the MSU Foundation, the university awards the title "MSU Foundation Professor" to selected current and new faculty. Award of the title is intended to assist MSU in recruitment, recognition, and retention of outstanding faculty at all academic ranks, with the primary aim of enhancing the stature of the institution in research and creative activity.

The award of the title will be made to individuals who combine externally recognized, exemplary scholarly accomplishment and/or potential, with clear professional relevance to specific areas of MSU scholarly need, disciplinary development, or research or creative emphasis. Consideration will also include the candidate's teaching innovation and excellence.

Faculty awardees retain the title of "MSU Foundation Professor" for the duration of their service at MSU. Typically, each also receives scholarly support for the first five years after their award.

Designation requires:

  1. A letter of nomination from an MSU dean.
  2. Substantial and laudatory written assessment of the accomplishments and/or prospects of the awardee from external peer reviewers.
  3. Approval by the Provost and the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies

Support for item #2 may include evidence such as:

  • Letters of recommendation
  • Referee reports from scholarly publications and grant proposals
  • Published critical reviews of professional books, film, art exhibits, musical, dance or theatre performance, or other similar creative activity.
  • Citations from externally awarded prizes or honorary degrees.

Upon selection, the nominating dean and awardee will be informed and an announcement will be drafted and published by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies.

To learn more about the following outstanding faculty and their work, visit our research news site for press releases and video presentations. Also visit the MSU Foundation website.

MSU Foundation Professors

Bruno Basso '17, College of Natural Science

Christoph Benning '14, College of Natural Science

Frederica Brandizzi '15, College of Natural Science

Robin Buell '14, College of Natural Science

Andrew Christlieb '14, College of Natural Science

Shelia Cotten '17, College of Communication Arts and Sciences

Rachel Croson '16, College of Social Science

Marcos Dantus '16, College of Natural Science

Dean DellaPenna '14, College of Natural Science

Dimitar Deliyski '15, College of Communication Arts and Sciences

Ken Frank '15, College of Education

Brian Gulbransen '17 College of Natural Science

Gregg Howe '16, College of Natural Science

Xuefei Huang '17, College of Natural Science

Joey Huston '16, College of Natural Science

Jiming Jiang '17, College of Natural Science

Thomas Jayne '15, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Chris Klausmeier '16, College of Natural Science

James Klausner '16, College of Engineering

Kelly Klump '14, College of Social Science

Elena Litchman '16, College of Natural Science

Richard Lucas '15, College of Social Science

Tapabrata (Taps) Maiti '17 College of Natural Science

Shannon Manning '15,  College of Natural Science

James McCusker '18, College of Natural Science

Beronda Montgomery '16, College of Natural Science

Ioannis "John" Papapolymerou '15, College of Engineering

Barry Pittendrigh '16, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Xiaobo Tan '16, College of Engineering

Michael Thomashow '16, College of Natural Science

Alexander (Sasha) Volberg '15, College of Natural Science